High Performance Trading: Elite Trader Pushes Limits

Demetris Mavrommatis Axia Futures Elite Trader trading

High Performance Trading Is A Daily Pursuit For This Trader

What does it take to be a high performance day trader? We posted this video on our YouTube channel that shows Adam reviewing a recording of how our Elite AXIA Trader executed positions over comments made by President Trump on the morning of Monday 26th of August 2019 when he was attending the G7 Summit in France.

What Was The Trade Setup?

The equities had gapped lower on the open and bonds, gold, yen and other safe haven markets had gapped higher during Sunday night. This was right after Trump announced that he would increase the tariffs on Chinese goods. Markets reacted violently with risk-off prevailing as trade wars had escalated after Trump’s actions.

However, on Monday morning, while attending the G7 summit, Trump commented that China called the US and is willing to restart negotiations with the aim of achieving a trade deal. This was a surprising positive development that should cause risk assets to rally and safe haven assets to sell off.

How To Trade This Sudden News?

As soon as those headlines hit news wires, our Elite Trader positioned himself aggressively in S&P, Gold, Yen and Bund. Knowing how those markets were caught off guard by these comments, he expected an aggressive unwinding of the overnight moves as traders would rush to square their positions. 

Watch The Live Trading Recording:

Taking Advantage of High Performance Trading Opportunities

There was indeed a powerful move in those markets as our trader anticipated. Moreover, a couple of hours later, the Chinese denied that there was a phone call and as a result the S&P quickly pared some of the gains. Our Elite trader took full advantage of the volatility created by these comments. With his very aggressive trading style and big positions across four markets he achieved an outstanding trading day.

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Demetris Mavrommatis Axia Futures Elite Trader trading

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