Alex Haywood


Co-Founder, Head of Strategy

After 13 years in the futures industry, exclusively in the proprietary domain, and with half of that time being involved in developing trading teams across Europe, Alex wanted to change the very foundation of how traders could up the ante in performance.

Alex’s core belief framework of enhanced trader performance was to leverage technology to enable knowledge share amongst traders of varying levels of experience by making geographical boundaries digitally permeable. This gave birth to Axia Futures, which was founded alongside a group of like minded friends who shared the same value principles of elite training and performance.

Alex Haywood Senior Trader at Axia Futures
Co-Founder, Head of StrategyAlex Haywood
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All Traders of the AXIA Professional Community, trade as Professional Traders with AXIA's Proprietary Trading Partner FCT Europe Ltd, a UK company regulated by the FCA (FRN 786372)

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