How To Trade The FOMC: July 2020

Demetris Mavrommatis Axia Futures Elite Trader trading

Trading Central Bank rate decisions is about understanding the expectations of the market for how dovish or hawkish the Central Bank will be when they release their rate decision in context with the technical landscape. To learn to trade a central bank skillfully takes dedicated practices of understanding the mechanics of the market in conjunction with the sentiment. This can take years of development but with the right disciplined learning framework that we teach on our central bank trading course the sooner one can develop an effective EDGE in trading these high octane events that generate abnormal volume and volatility.

In this Video Junior Trader Adam reviews the execution of one of AXIA’s ELITE Traders who profited over $350,000.00 trading the July 2019 rate decision. He talks through how our Elite Trader executed on the rate decision and then at the press conference across 4 key correlated markets in Emini- S&P, Gold, T-Notes and the EuroFX. His execution style is based upon aggressive new momentum style strategy where we explore in-depth on our 8 week career training program.  

To learn more about how to day trade and develop your career as a futures trader within a professional environment then check out the Axia Futures 8 Week Intensive Trading Course and our other specialised Trader ​Training programmes. It is the most comprehensive training programme in the proprietary​ ​futures​ ​trading industry and is based​ ​upon years of successful in-house skill​s ​development​.

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