How To Manage Risk & Big Size In Choppy Price Action

Demetris Mavrommatis Elite Trader manages big size in choppy price action

Adam reviews the trade execution of an Elite Axia trader who profited over €90,000 in the morning session of Monday 8th of October 2018.

The trader started executing in the Bund early on in the session as he had a long bias stemmed by a fundamental and technical backdrop. The price action however was choppy and there was no clean move in the Bund for the first couple of hours of the day. 

The elite trader managed to trade through the chop and kept adjusting his core long position by adding up to 350 lots in certain occasions whilst cutting the position to less than 100 lots when the price action was not confirming his bias.

Eventually, his persistence and constant adjustment of his position paid off as the widening in the Bund-BTP spread accelerated and resulted in Bund rallying modestly.

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Written by Axia Futures

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