Your Trading Clues Taken From E-mini S&P 500 Simple Trade Idea

Your Trading Clues Taken From E-mini S&P 500 Simple Trade Idea Introduction

In this article, we will focus on your trading clues taken from the e-mini S&P 500 simple trade idea. Let’s spice things up a bit and let you be the main character in this ” trading clue” collecting game so that we can write the next article together. If you have been reading my blog posts, you know I am a big proponent of trading clues (read my latest trading journey article, where I discuss the trading clue library). I guess my engineering background is the force behind that and I feel like it gives my trading a more process-oriented structure and improves my peace of mind.

So how is this article gonna be different? Instead of me talking you through what the trader in the video did, I would love to hear your thoughts on his trade. I will provide you with my main takeaways that resonated with me. Since this trade happened just recently, you will have a chance to revisit it on your own. Ok, let’s dive deep into it.

Trade Idea Introduction

This challenge will be based on the video where Junior Axia Trader Isaac looks at the execution of his long trade in the E-mini S&P 500.

E-mini S&P 500 video executed by Junior Axia Trader Isaac

Let’s start with the technical landscape that led to the trading idea.

Technical landscape of E-mini S&P 500 from the 4th of March 2021

Although the video has ±20minutes, the main idea is described in first 7 minutes of the video. So it can literally take you seven minutes to learn new ways how to look at the markets. Isaac is using his market profile and price ladder reading skills in putting this trade together. Ok, let’s get to my main takeaway.

My Main Takeaway From The Trading Idea

In my journey, I have noticed that not all trading clues should be treated equally. What I have observed over time and really resonated with are three key concepts that were present in this video:

  • energy building
  • rising vulnerability
  • new flows

If you watched the first seven minutes of the video, I really like how Isaac combined all those concepts together. First, we have been stuck in a range and could not move lower (energy building). Second, the more time we spent near the lows, the more the highs were becoming vulnerable, aka chances for us to reach our target were rising (rising vulnerability). And last, new flows. What do I mean by that? Sometimes we just have to wait for new flows to enter the market and unlock the hidden gem that is hanging up there for us. New fresh energy needs to enter the arena to force the new momentum towards our target.

So these are my trading clues, my trading takeaways that I can then take into my own trading and build strategies around them. Now it’s your turn.

The Trading Clue Challenge

Here comes the challenge:

Based on the feedback I will either write a blog post or organize a LiveStream. The key here is to improve your game by describing clues that you see and the trading community can learn from them as well. Thanks for participating.

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Thanks for reading and until next time, trade well.


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Written by Jaroslav Kohout

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