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Axia Futures 1-Year Anniversary

Axia Futures Live Trading Floor Year 1

Axia Futures has just had its 1-year anniversary and what a year it has been!

The Birth of Axia Futures and One Year On

The story which I will share in greater detail in the future and will touch upon it briefly in today’s letter is heroic in many ways, given what many of our traders had to encounter at the formation of AxIa Futures. The story is the proverbial rise of the Phoenix and we are blessed to be given the opportunity to share our story and what has made our traders successful with the broader trading community.

As a company, group of friends and teammates we are beyond ourselves of where we have come in such a short period of time. From the onset, regardless of all the obstacles we faced, we always held onto our core vision and mission whilst practising humility to guide us in becoming powerful world class performers in the global futures market.

Our Growth, Our Partners and Our World Class Trading Team

From the original team of seven traders, the group has grown to 40 traders. This group of traders are all cleared and risk managed by FCT group of Companies (FCA regulated and Mifid2 compliant) the most reputable futures Broking firm in the industry that has been around since 1984. It has been a critical partner to the success of Axia Futures and we are very fortunate to call FCT our partner. After what happened to our traders at the previous firm we had to find a highly credible, professional and well capitalised firm. FCT ticked all the boxes. FCT has helped Axia Futures grow organically and provided the infrastructure for our trading group to be out-performers in the futures industry on a global scale. Along with our partner and the pioneering AXIA Futures educational trading framework for trader development, we have built some of the most successful futures day traders in Europe in a very short period of time.

What makes Axia Futures’ educational team truly unique in the industry is that all our training material, proprietary drills, Flagship 8-week Intensive Career Training, our daily Live streams and market analysis are all delivered and developed by live account traders. Furthermore, our learning framework is built upon the success of not only our most profitable traders but also some of the largest day traders in the futures markets space. This is unique and pioneering in the trading education industry. We are a group of traders in the first instance that have now designed training skills material for new entrants into our industry. This benchmarks best practices for new traders to have a higher level of approach and strategy development in the markets.

How It All Started

Some background before the launch of Axia Futures education in June 2017.

In June 2016, one year before the official launch of Axia Futures, was the birth of the proprietary trading team. This team started trading the week before the infamous Brexit and then on the day of Brexit essentially the volatility opportunity of a lifetime was gifted to this group of young, ambitious and hardworking traders. The original trading team of seven traders had to start their trading accounts from zero after their previous trading accounts disappeared overnight from a trading firm that mismanaged clients funds. In fact, some of the original group had lost trading accounts in excess of seven figures. Although they lost large amounts of trading funds overnight what they did not lose was their skill in extracting consistent profits from the markets. They did not lose their ability to fish opportunity from the global financial futures market. They just needed to start over with a hunger and desire for continuous improvement and to be the very best they can be! Every one of the original group went on to having their best year and trading their biggest size and that’s after starting from ground zero. This is testament to not only their well tuned skill set in the art of speculation but the deep resilience each and every one of them possessed. This kind of resilience is one of the fundamental prerequisites to becoming a world class consistently profitable trader. I personally salute everyone of them as I know where they all came from and how they faced their darkest hours after they lost everything from no fault of their own in their previous trading accounts.

Our Dynamic Culture

Another part of our rapid growth in our trading team is the core culture we have worked incredibly hard to develop and keep on innovating so that the collective group has a positive effect on each individual trader’s unique identity. We have discovered that a great culture is infectious and this I assume is why so many great traders have wanted to join our team and we feel honoured that this cultural framework has attracted so many. We have also ensured we don’t let any of our trading floors grow above a certain amount that sacrifices the dynamic communication edge within the floor that we have cultivated. We don’t believe in those industrial size-led trading floors where it becomes impersonal and void of personality.

Our strong and dynamic culture requires certain personality profiles on our London Trading floor and hence why there is a stringent selection process so as to ensure every team selection adds value to the greater group. This ensures we stay relevant, dynamic and most importantly we continue to grow and be world class performing athletes in the financial coliseum of opportunity. As we know, this really is the greatest game on earth. This game tests every ounce of your skill and resolve and you can never ever be complacent and this is why we all love it so much.

Pioneering Trader Education

Our world class training and development is always evolving and continues to set the industry standard for rapidly progressing not only for trainee traders to enhance their pattern recognition skills but also how to build a fundamental narrative that has market influence and how to deploy both defensive and attacking trading strategies in both Central Banking and Geopolitical events that are renowned for excess volatility. We are also glad to announce the world’s first Central Bank and Geopolitical online trading programme within the next couple of weeks. This course captures the approach of our entire trading team from preparation to execution and these events are sometimes responsible for some 90% trading profits within a calendar month.

Those who have participated in our 8-week intensive Career Trader Training programme have all learnt the approach, methodology, framework and how to optimally design strategies as well as what is required to be a professional futures trader. Furthermore, they have not only done the training but also many have continued their professional career with Axia Futures in some form.

Cultivating New Trading Careers

We have launched multiple trading careers in the past year and we have provided the opportunity for many young traders to be financially backed in one of two ways:

1) Through our partner company FCT Group of companies by way of recommendation from the AXIA training team to the FCT global risk and clearing team as part of our young trader high performance programme.

2) If a trainee shows strong aptitude on the training programme and is invited for a performance review on the trading floor, then there is another opportunity to be both mentored and financially backed by one of our elite traders.

There are also traders who after completing our Career and high performance trading programme have gone to open live trading accounts within our group whilst pushing their development and understanding of the market further.

On Demand and Live Streaming Trader Training

For many not able to attend our in-house 8-week Trader Training programme we have developed on-demand Edge courses which include all the methods and approaches of how we contextualise and execute in the markets. For more details on all our on-demand training please click here.

We have also equipped our training room with state-of-the-art camera equipment so we can live stream all the 8-week training to our online training portal for  those unable to develop and learn on our London Trading Floor.

We shall continue to produce world class trader training and we hope our entire community continue to strive to be consistently profitable traders as they grow alongside us.

May you all be the best traders you can be and continue along this great journey of trading in the Global Financial Markets.

Yours sincerely,

Alex Haywood
Co-Founder, Head of Strategy

If you want to learn to trade futures and develop your career elite trader then check out full range of Trader ​Training courses and consider joining our flagship 8 Week Career Trading Course. This intensive programme can be attended live on our London Trading Floor or virtually from home as an online trading course. We offer the most comprehensive training programmes in the proprietary​ ​futures​ ​trading industry which are based​ ​upon years of successful in-house skill​s ​development​.

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Written by Axia Futures

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