How To Become a BIGGER Trader with Brannigan Barrett

This interview with Brannigan Barrett on the Chat With Traders podcasts breaks down his process for how to become a bigger trader.

Process To Become a Bigger Trader

  • Brannigan speaks about his process for progressively becoming a bigger trader, and situations when feeling uncomfortable is healthy for your development
  • How a “dogfight” attitude got Brannigan into a prop firm, what he learned about managing risk from his peers, and what served as a great source of motivation
  • Why Brannigan spends plenty of time on fundamentals which impact the markets he trades, and how he prepares going into major news announcements
  • Brannigan shares how he reflects at the end of each day, debriefs, and prepares for the following day—making sure he’s ready for tomorrow’s “one good trade”
  • How to think about good trading goals, the reason why most people fail to achieve their goals, but how you can achieve yours—with a process orientated approach

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Written by Axia Futures

Strategy Development & Execution with Brannigan Barrett