Demetris Mavrommatis



Co-Founder, Head of Trading

With over 10 years of experience as a professional futures trader, Demetris is an Elite Trader and one of the biggest and most consistently profitable traders in the industry. He is highly respected in the trading community for his exceptional abilities in executing big trading positions across multiple markets in the most volatile global macro events.

With a unique and very aggressive trading execution style, Demetris is a role model for our traders and makes sure the performance of the team is always at the highest level. Whilst leading our senior traders weekly workshop, Demetris is also instrumental in the development of our young traders and is mentoring a team of our junior traders.

collection of videos showing an analysis of our elite trader execution on major global macro, geopolitical and central bank events can be found on our Youtube channel.

Prior to Trading, Demetris worked in Investment Banking Mergers & Acquisitions at HSBC.