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The Prop Trading Code

The Prop Trading Code is a 4-part, 53-day trading masterclass. This course instils structure and control into the traders decision-making process through a practical, process-driven course programme. Traders learn real trading skills including strategy development, pattern recall, risk-management and so much more. Traders can now sidestep the most common trading mistakes by adopting the processes, methodologies and trading tools used by professional traders.

Sample the course now, with 5-hours of FREE course content.

Course Curriculum

Lesson 5 – Part 1: The Mistakes 95% of Traders Commit and The MBA Method to Solving These Problems Practically FREE 00:43:00
Lesson 11 – Part 1: Access Trading Methodology Introduction Objectives FREE 00:35:00
Lesson 14 – Part 1: Structural Breakouts Strategy FREE 01:00:00
Lesson 19 – Part 1: Risk Management Tool – SRM Introduction FREE 01:03:00
Lesson 23 – Part 2: The Trading Process Flow Live FREE 01:13:00
Introduction 00:35:00
Lesson 1 Alpha: The Traders Timeline 01:59:00
Lesson 2 Beta: The Stoic Trader 01:11:00
Lesson 3 Gamma: Failings Of The Greatest Investors 01:53:00
Lesson 4 Delta: The 10 Most Important Trading Wisdoms 00:58:00
Lesson 5 Epsilon: The Mistakes 95% Of Traders Commit 01:07:00
Lesson 6 Zeta: Fail.Learn.Grow.Repeat 00:45:00
Lesson 7 Eta: The Key Trading Principles 01:18:00
Lesson 8 Theta: Effectively Utilise 4 Elementary Trading Tools To Add Edge 01:14:00
Lesson 9 Iota: 10 Highly Effective Habits and Processes of Elite Traders 00:36:00
Lesson 10 Kappa: Strategy Playbook Development 01:23:00
Lesson 11 Lambda: ACCESS Trading Methodology 01:42:00
Lesson 12 Mu: Playbook Strategy 1: Strong Initiative Volatility 07:44:00
Lesson 13 Nu: Playbook Strategy 2: Extreme Range Day 07:01:00
Lesson 14 Xi: Playbook Strategy 3: Structural Breakout 07:35:00
Lesson 15 Omicron: Playbook Strategy 4: Initiative Low Volume Areas 07:02:00
Lesson 16 Pi: Playbook Strategy 5: Inside Range Days 07:14:00
How to Activate the Trading Tools 00:05:00
Lesson 17 Rho: The Trader Training Calendar 03:10:00
Lesson 18 Sigma: Filtering And Signalling 00:25:00
Lesson 19 Tau: Risk Management Tool – SRM Introduction 03:08:00
Lesson 20 Upsilon: Risk Management Tool – SRM Strategy 02:12:00
Lesson 21 Phi: Strategy Playbook Cue Cards 00:29:00
Lesson 22 Chi: Performance Metric Analysis 01:43:00
Lesson 23 Psi: The Trading Process Flow 01:49:00
Lesson 24 Omega: Lessons and Blessings 00:32:00
8-Week Video Access Methodology Drill-based Learning Series 11:39:00

    This course is an unbelievable value. Traders of any experience will benefit from it, but I believe it would be most valuable to either new traders, or traders who are struggling to gain consistency. It really is everything you wish you taught from Day 1, and it is taught in an easy-to-understand way. I have been trading for several years and taken many other courses. Now I can see where they, and more importantly myself have fallen short. If you are not using processes like the ones taught in this course, and have been struggling, this course will provide you with the answers you need to succeed.
    Amazing job Brannigan,
    Thank you

  • £1,200
  • 12 months

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