Pro Trader Pathway

The training programme contains 4 modules that look at how to start and build your trading career on the right foot…

  • MODULE #1 – MINDSET – This module covers why traders fail, why you should be trading futures (i.e. instead of trading CFD’s) and the what it takes to become a successful trader.
  • MODULE #2 – THEORY – This module covers the basics of trading, an introduction to order flow and the best times to be trading markets.
  • MODULE #3 – TOOLS – This module covers what software solutions to use in your trading as well as useful sources of market news.
  • MODULE #4 – DEVELOPMENT – This module covers the biggest myths people believe about being a trader, the Axia Futures formula to developing top performing traders, and what the path to profitability looks like (demonstrated using equity curves from traders on our trading floors in both London and Poland).
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Course Includes

  • 15 Lessons