News Trading on the Price Ladder Webinar

There is no doubt that major international news events generate some of the biggest moves in the markets but these moves also come with volatility that makes them tough to trade. In this two day event, we cover how our Elite Traders prepare and execute over Market News Events.

You will learn our approach to forecasting how major current news events (like Brexit, Elections, COVID-19, conflicts, Trade Wars, Trump Tweets) will play out, how governments are likely to intervene and how the market will react as the story develops over time. You’ll see our actual trades and learn our 10 most effective Price Ladder Execution Strategies for trading news stories as they develop.

Course Curriculum

PART 1 – The Initial Story 02:00:00
PART 2 – Contagion 02:00:00
PART 3 – Fear and Panic 02:00:00
PART 4 – Reaction and Process 03:00:00

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