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How To Find Trades On A Grinding Trend Day

Bund blocking move higher 12 March 2018

Not all trends within markets are explosive high energy moves – all a trend has to do is sustain a move in one direction with higher or lower high and lows (depending on direction). A slower grinding trend often will not provide the same type of opportunity as a high energy trend which gives multiple breakout opportunities, so it can become a rather frustrating day to trade.

The key to finding trades on a grinding trend-day is recognition of order flow and technical patterns; the Bund often moves in blocks whereby it trades sideways for a period of time before slowly pushing higher – on a move up, the trade becomes slow at the bottom of blocks and absorption type price action occurs; once the market shifts higher the same type of order flow occurs at higher prices. Observing this pattern prevents attempts to buy breaks of the top of range, instead allowing positioning at the bottom of the range with the expectation of a slow move out of the range.

This live Axia daily debrief takes in a blocking move higher in Bunds, looking at where trades can be entered, expectation of trades based on price action and how resistance consistently turns into support.



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