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AXIA BLOG Article | 17 August 2017 | The transition from IronMan to IronTrader by Brannigan Barrett

– The art to setting and achieving your goals
– A journey and self-discovery through a 70.3 IronMan triathlon race
– The lessons learnt, experience gained and application to Trading the financial markets and Life

THE MARKET MOGUL Article | 24 June 2017 | The High Stakes Brexit Gamble: May’s Losing Hand with Brannigan Barrett

– The future for the UK in a post Brexit world
– Why Theresa May will be forced into a soft version of Brexit
– The long run impact Brexit will have on Sterling due to extensive disinvestment

FUTURES.IO Webinar | 9 June 2017 | Diving Into Order Flow with Alex Haywood and Jigsaw Trading

Determining your optimum order flow environment for high performance trading

Understanding the various auctioning environments on the price ladder:
– Which execution strategies to deploy given the auctioning environment
– Finding your orthodox price ladder trading approach and trusting your natural risk instinct
– Price ladder trader profile types
– The alchemical process of combining order flow strategies within the context of market profile
– How to structure your cognitive learning framework to dynamically upgrade your skills as market volatility landscapes shift into new seasons

FOREX ANALYTIX Webinar | 6 June 2017 | F.A.C.E Webinar Interview with Brannigan Barrett

– Why the lack of volatility in the markets
– Market liquidity
– The endless rally in the US equities
– What could shift the volatility
– Expectations of the Pound post UK general election

FUTURES RADIO SHOW Podcast | 23 June 2017 |  Anthony Crudele Interview with Brannigan Barrett

– Transition between broker and trader. How he interprets the difference between fundamental trading and technical trading
– He explains the importance of volume, and shows why volatility is staying very low lately. Why participation has dropped
– What Bran thinks caused the changes in the prop firm business, and what the future of prop trading is
– The most important skills and characteristics to survive and thrive in the business. Time, Bank Roll, String Environment, Luck, Ability to keep things simple
– He reminds us the hardest moments are the greatest moments for growth and reflection
– What mistakes Brannigan tries to avoid

FUTURES.IO Webinar | 11 May 2017 | Trade Strategy Development and Execution with Brannigan Barrett

– Why professional traders use the price ladder
– Key trading principles and beliefs
– Developing pattern recognition with identifiers
– How Axia traders debrief every day using the price ladder and charts

CHAT WITH TRADERS Podcast | 3 March 2017 | How to become a BIGGER trader with Brannigan Barrett

– Brannigan speaks about his process for progressively becoming a bigger trader, and situations when feeling uncomfortable is healthy for your development
– How a “dogfight” attitude got Brannigan into a prop firm, what he learned about managing risk from his peers, and what served as a great source of motivation
– Why Brannigan spends plenty of time on fundamentals which impact the markets he trades, and how he prepares going into major news announcements
– Brannigan shares how he reflects at the end of each day, debriefs, and prepares for the following day—making sure he’s ready for tomorrow’s “one good trade”
– How to think about good trading goals, the reason why most people fail to achieve their goals, but how you can achieve yours—with a process orientated approach

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