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Trade Strategies: Large Order Unable To Hold Up Market

Bund 30 August 2018

Large orders are easy to spot and offer relatively simplistic trade opportunities, the most obvious of which is a front-run where an order is entered at the price above a large bid with the intention to catch a small bounce away from it whilst having the safety of a tight stop just behind the large order.

This is a rather simplistic strategy and a few other questions on context should be taken into consideration – has the large order moved? Is the market range bound or trending? How is the market trading just above and into the large order? If a large order has not moved and is sitting passively then it suggests that it is merely waiting to be filled and therefore the only reaction will be if positions built towards the order decide to exit causing a profit taking bounce. This is where context matters; if the market is trending and selling continues down to the large order then the likelihood of it holding the market up is reduced.

With these points in mind this live AXIA daily debrief considers the significance of how a large order is traded through when the Bund is in a down trend and what that means for trade immediately after and for the rest of the day.

Large order exercises are covered in module 8 of the Axia Price Ladder Course where more drills and exercises enable you enhance your edge in these trade types.

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