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Price Ladder Trading: Reload Continuation Order Flow

S&P 500 Price Action over Non-Farm Payrolls

With the recent volatility S&P 500 futures have become increasingly sensitive to data points, none more so than the major US employment report, this figure often starts with an extremely fast move meaning that the trade opportunity usually comes in the secondary reaction.

As liquidity floods back into the market, order flow shows signs of continuation or rejection: The March result was a double whammy for S&P 500 – more jobs created and lower inflation, as such continuation Price Action would be expected. This took the form of a reload continuation, whereby a small bid is entered and once filled a similar small bid is re-entered, this way a large position can be accumulated without chasing the market higher, as more buying comes in the reload moves higher. Recognising this price action allows trades to be entered joining the reloading bid until reloading does not re-appear, signalling time to exit trades as the supportive order flow that signals entry into a trade is no longer there.

The specifics of how the reload continuation could be executed are reviewed in the below AXIA weekly mentored session as well as clues to when the buying activity may be coming to an end. Further Reload and Iceberg patterns are covered in the Axia Price Ladder course, where multiple examples and drills provide an opportunity to hone your skills

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